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eta Blades at “Life extension challenges and solutions for operating wind farms” (Madrid, 22 – 23 September)

Carlo Durante, Founder and Board Member of eTa Blades, will be one of the speakers of "Life extension Challenges and Solutions for operating wind farms", Madrid - 22nd and 23rd of September 2016 organized by The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE). Subject of the speech: Re-blading or changing blades to improve performance and extend the life of [...]

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eta Blades MEWI-B Project selected by Horizon 2020

eta Blades has been selected with its MEWI-B project as one of the 161 SMEs from 23 countries in the latest round of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1. The objective MEWi-B (More Efficient Wind Blades) is the implementation and production of universal aeroelastic wind blades, which are recyclable, highly efficient and able to operate [...]

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eTa Blades at NEXT Adriatic Investment Forum #GEC2015 (Milan, 18 March)

Debate about latest trends of entrepreneurial ecosystems within the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region. During the event the contribution of regional stakeholders will be presented together with the point of view of entrepreneurs (among which eTa Blades). The debate will develop around demand and supply issues among issues connected to accessibility of services though NEXT-IS platform and their [...]

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Wind turbine blade design shift up a gear – Power Engineering International

Much is involved in designing a wind turbine blade, including taking note of changing industry conditions and the need to address persistent issues of reliability and resilience. Tildy Bayar spoke with blade designers and manufacturers to see how the industry is addressing the issues and designing the blades of the future.      Click here [...]

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eTa Blades at Advances in Rotor Blades for Wind Turbines (Bremen, 24-26 February)

Carlo Durante, Founder and Board Member of eTa Blades, will be one of the speakers of the 4th International Conference Advances in Rotor Blades for Wind Turbines - 24-26th February 2014,  Bremen - Germany. Rotor blades are decisive in the race for lower cost of energy, and the last years have witnessed drastic progress in structural design and manufacturing. While [...]

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