eTa Blades among the “100 Italian energy stories”

eTa Blades has been selected as one of the 100 national champions for 100 Italian Energy Stories, the report presented by Enel and Symbola Foundation on the occasion of the COP21 climate conference in Paris. "Every year 400 wind turbines set off from this part of Italy for other parts of Europe or for the [...]

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Re-blading promises life-cycle and higher returns

The performance degradation of old wind-farms and decreasing incentive tariffs across Europe for the new projects disappoint small independent wind-farmers. At the same, time large players target asset consolidation to secure long-term portfolios requiring longer asset life-cycle and enhanced returns. Operators can opt for several alternatives to improve projects or assets value. Continue to read

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Wind turbine blade design shift up a gear – Power Engineering International

Much is involved in designing a wind turbine blade, including taking note of changing industry conditions and the need to address persistent issues of reliability and resilience. Tildy Bayar spoke with blade designers and manufacturers to see how the industry is addressing the issues and designing the blades of the future.      Click here [...]

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